Regnum Golf & Country Club Bodrum

Turkey, Bodrum

The first active 18-hole natural golf course on the peninsula, Bodrum, with an integrated approach: From the construction to the services the Regnum Golf & Country Club Bodrum is all geared up for its environment and thus a new model project for Turkey. In the tranquil county of Çamlik, not far from the most beautiful bays of the region, a whole valley is being developed on an area of 1.450 hectare to an important ecosystem, without disturbing the natural shape of the landscape. The golf club was prominently opened in June 2018. Exquisite natural stone villas, a large organic vegetable garden, numerous sporting opportunities and many more amenities are being built in four stages. The first two stages have been finished and life in Regnum Golf and Country Club has already started. This location is definitely a live changing place. From extra-virgin olive oil to natural herbs and organic honey everything is produced here. The Regnum Golf & Country Club, part of the Regnum Group in Belek, is only 30 kilometres away from Bodrum airport, 17 kilometres from Bodrum city and 6 kilometres from the Güvercinlik bay.