October 1, 2020

The Best Golf & Gastro Holidays in Italy

There is scarcely a place in Italy that has remained untouched by the waves of history, art, folklore and culinary tradition, where a visit does not afford a chance for reflection or even simple pleasure.

Another great reason for coming to Italy is therefore the desire to taste Italian cooking as the Italians really make it. Known for its fine wines, arguably the best food in the world, vineyards and outstanding natural scenery, it’s not just the championship golf courses in Italy that draws golfers here every year.

Italian golf resorts offer championship golf courses and luxurious rounds of golf at some great low prices. Italy is an excellent destination for a golf holiday due to its mild climate that can be benefitted from all year round and the playability of its golf courses. It would not be an exaggeration to say that a holiday in Italy suits every kind of traveller, whether you are just looking to play some of the best golf courses in Europe or simply explore some of the most captivating historic regions in the World