January 17, 2021

The Best Wineries in Sicily

From the particular to the global: in this journey, we start from the glass of wine and the label to tell the great natural and cultural history of Sicily, whose identity was also built through the wine culture. A journey through companies that are not limited to guided tours and tastings in barriques, but that tell a territory made of history, art, beauty, and unique flavors.

Take notes and opt for some of the names we suggest to discover Sicily as you have never done it before, in a perspective in which wine is the protagonist but also a flywheel of various initiatives that are good for the soul and body.

The average quality of Sicilian wineries has now reached very high levels and from one side of the island to the other you can be amazed and thrilled, from the great wines at the foot of Etna to the centenary ones of Marsala, from the amazing Aeolian islands to the Arabian Pantelleria, up to the south where the most colorful expressions of Noto, Marzamemi, and Syracuse take shape… all in a glass, and beyond.


Cantine Fina, Marsala

Young winery but with a long history linked to the name Fina, the progenitor Bruno is a long-time winemaker and together with the trio of his sons Marco, Sergio and Federica, he leads the company of the same name that overlooks the Stagnone Islands Nature Reserve. We are in Contrada Bausa between Marsala and Trapani , and from the terraces you can enjoy a beautiful panorama, characterizing the identity of the company and the family, in one word: enthusiasm. #Orizzonte_Fina is their lifestyle and, since 2016, the name of a cultural container made of art, food and wine and good taste. An example was the Paniko Circus, without animals but with artists of all kinds and nationalities who for 20 days stayed with their circus tent in the Fina garden.


Cantine Fina, Marsala

The space surrounding the cellar is large as well as the love for wines, above all the " Kebrilla " stands out , one of the most representative of the production that inspired the music festival "Kebrillerà" conceived and curated by the adrenaline-fueled Federica, young of the three: «a real artistic container that intends to make the talents of the Sicilian and national music scene shine», he says. Surrounding the incredible spectacle of the sunset on the Stagnone Islands and the Egadi Islands, which is repeated every day. The area dedicated to events opens to the public for three consecutive Sundays offering the perfect trio: music, wine and food .


Cantine Fina, Marsala

"Bringing people closer to wine through music is the objective of the review", continues Kikè as Federica is known. In past editions, artists of the caliber of Tinturia, Jerusa Barros, Agricantus, Swingrowers, Jimmy Ingrassia, Alessio Bondì have alternated , now there is excitement for the special guest of this new edition who will see none other than Carmen Consoli on the stage of Cantine Fina . So between the end of July and the beginning of August, don't make any commitments.
Info and updated dates on the cantinefina.it website


Buonivini estate, Noto

We are in the beautiful Noto and always under the Planeta brand, or rather Francesca Planeta who takes care of the entire event creation, the Santa Cecilia in Musica will come to life : a project that arises from the desire to link music to the Buonivini estate , a place in which is born the Nero d'Avola Santa Cecilia which bears the name of the family (Planeta di Santa Cecilia) and the patroness of music. With the precious collaboration of Maestro Giovanni Bietti , a series of appointments with music will enliven the vineyards in the heart of summer. Concerts at sunset that will enhance the fine union between classical music and the music of other traditions.Appointment on 3 August, info on planeta.it .


Pellegrino Cellars, Marsala

New life for the centenary Marsala who wants to be reborn and take back what is his, prestige and culture far from the clichés that have tormented him for a long time over the years. The Pellegrino company takes care of this, after having launched the new project " Marsala Revolution " to bring the historic wine closer to blending through a total restyling of the image, proposes the appointment " In giro per i marsala " : tasting lunches made in collaboration with the Marsala chef Francesco Alagna of the Ciacco Putia Gourmet restaurant. A unique experience that allows, at each meeting, to discover and appreciate the great versatility of Marsala wine, challenging the prejudices of those who consider it only an after-meal wine.


Pellegrino Cellars, Marsala

Five types of marsala, produced by the various wineries in the area, will in fact be offered in combination with the typical dishes of the Sicilian tradition, in a fun and original tasting itinerary. The homage to the famous fortified wine is carried on by the young Alagna who dares to try to find the perfect match for every dish he creates. An unusual journey to discover Marsala inside the historic Pellegrino Cellars where the labels of other most representative companies of the area will also be served such as Alagna, Arini, Barraco, Buffa, Casano, Caruso & Minini, Curatolo Arini, Florio, Intorcia, Lombardo, Marco De Bartoli, Martinez, Mirabella, Rallo and Spanò.
Info:every Thursday starting at 11.30 on reservation (the ticket includes the guided tour of the historic cellars), 5 marsala paired with 5 traditional Sicilian dishes, € 35 per person. Reservations required at tel. 0923 719970/80, www.carlopellegrino.it


Sciaranuova, Catania

The Planeta family has accustomed the world of wine to transversal points of view where wine can go beyond the glass with great success. In one of its realities, in Castiglione di Sicilia (Ct) , creativity awakens with the Sciaranuova Festival , an unprecedented theatrical event created in an extraordinary natural setting, the Etna volcano . An open-air theater in the heart of the vineyards , in the places where volcanic wines are born, to combine the world of wine with that of the show.


Sciaranuova, Catania

For the first time in Sicily, Planeta brings the theater to the vineyard, creating a proscenium among what were once the terraces used for the cultivation of vines and using the mountains, lava and centuries-old pines as backdrops .
Info: On July 19-20 and July 26-27 the beauty of wine will be staged, not just to drink, planeta.it .


Capofaro estate, Salina

A wonderful place, maybe because Salina and the Aeolian Islands are all dazzling , but it will also be because the Tasca d'Almerita family has created a truly unique project here. History, nature, open-air art and intoxicating scents, choose the Capofaro Locanda & Malvasia to stay in its 27 rooms and suites (of which you are right inside the ancient lighthouse restored in 2017), to enjoy at the table with the hand of the Campanian chef Ludovico De Vivo , or to sip a glass of Malvasia between a yoga course and the other pilates, this multifaceted reality has a very interesting summer in store .


Capofaro estate, Salina

The weekend 21-23 June begins with the ninth edition of the Malvasia day , a focus dedicated to the grape and wine representative of the island that brings together about 16 producers from all the Aeolian islands. A unique opportunity to try the different expressions of this vine, an integral part of the history and soul of the archipelago.